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roderick bunter


Born 1970 Brisbane Queensland



1987-1990 B A Fine Art (Painting)

Queensland College of Art, Griffith University



2007     Ok Rod, we have to end this session here, Richard Martin Art, Sydney

2006     Parklife, Schubert Contemporary, Gold Coast

2005     Up Close and Personal, Helen Gory Gallerie, Melbourne

             Heroes let you down, Richard Martin Art, Sydney

2004     4.30 weekdays, IMA, Brisbane

             Drive Thru, Schubert Contemporary, Gold Coast

2000     Colossus, IMA, Brisbane

1999     YIKES #1, Satellite Space, Brisbane

             YIKES #2, Squeezewall, Brisbane

1998     Half Life, IMA, Brisbane

             Trademark, Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane

1997     Marco (polo), Bauhaus Gallery, Brisbane

             Shaken not Stirred , Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane

1996     Cause & Effect, ISNT, Brisbane

             Untitled (Yellow), Plotz gallery, Brisbane

             Go On Call in Sick, Plotz gallery, Brisbane

1995     Placebo, ISNT, Brisbane

             Instant, ISNT, Brisbane

             Paranoid, ISNT, Brisbane

1994     Generic, ISNT, Brisbane

1993     Normal Soon, ISNT, Brisbane

             Ipswich City Art Gallery, Ipswich

             Dalby Regional Art Gallery, Dalby

1992     Macro-Nausea, ISNT, Brisbane

1991     Melville Haysom Residency   Qld Art Gallery, Brisbane

             Mach Politik , Space Plentitude, Brisbane



2003     Young Millennials , Art Gallery Schubert, Gold Coast

2002     Primavera, MCA, Sydney

2001     product, Modus Studios, Brisbane

2000     endzone, IMA, Brisbane

             Stars will shine, Logan Art Gallery, Brisbane

1999     Poison, Metro Arts, Brisbane

             Extreme Periphery, Diane Tanzer, Melbourne

1998     Fake Plastic Trees , Smith + Stoneley, Brisbane

1997     From the Cradle to the Grave, Palace Gallery, Brisbane

             Power Corruption Lies, IMA, Brisbane

1996     Masculinity, Bauhaus Gallery, Brisbane

             Artists Books Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane

1994     Survey, ISNT, Brisbane

             Political Jokes, ISNT, Brisbane

1993     Believers, ISNT, Brisbane

1992     Verdant, ISNT, Brisbane

             Aid for Tibet, MOCA, Brisbane

             Bibelot, ISNT, Brisbane

             Free Trade, ISNT, Brisbane

             Ensemble, ISNT, Brisbane

1990     Dis is it, Gallery Brutal, Brisbane

             Entropy, Gallery Brutal/IMA, Brisbane

             Strine, Space Plentitude, Brisbane

             Bull, NAVA (no vacancy)



1995     Verdant 1.1, ISNT, Brisbane

1994     Survey, ISNT, Brisbane

1993     Exhibit A..., ISNT, Brisbane

             Silence, ISNT, Brisbane

             ISNT Installation Project, ISNT, Brisbane

             Believers, ISNT, Brisbane

             Vast, Young Curators Project ISNT, Brisbane



1996     Easy Rider / Talk, IMA, Brisbane

1993     Believers, ISNT, Brisbane

             Breathe Forum, IMA, Brisbane




Installation consultant Queensland Art Gallery, IMA, Christies, Gadens Lawyers, Brisbane City Gallery, Craft Queensland, Hands on Art, Queensland College of Art Gallery & Global Arts Link


Workshop Coordinator, Minister's Awards for Excellence in Art


"Regional Artist Resource Kit"

                       Ipswich College (TAFE / TEQ)

                       Sunshine Coast(TAFE / TEQ)


Lecture    Qld University of Technology

Lecture    Qld University of Technology

Lecture       Toowoomba College of Art (TAFE)

Lecture     University of Southern Queensland



2004     Gold Coast Weekender 21.8.04 “Shadowed by Controversy”

2003     The Australian 16.12.03 “Season-ender for umbrella group”

2002     The Courier Mail 14.06.02 “Southern Exposure”

             Sydney Morning Herald 17.10.02 “Life after dicting the palette and beret”

             Harpers Bazaar 11.02 “Attention Please” Lucinda Strahan

             Australian Art Collector 10.02 “Primavera 2002” Michael Hutak

             Lucky Magazine Issue One “Powder Burns” Pat Nourse

2001     Broadsheet 2.01 "Brisbane Art" Christopher Chapman

2000     Broadsheet 6.00 "It Boys" David Broker

             The Courier Mail 29.5.00 "Offensive but Meaningful" Debra Aldred

             The Courier Mail 2.6.00 "Art suffers at Cutting Edge" Peter Anderson

             The Australian 2.6.00 "Art Molested"

             The Sunday Mail 14.5.00 "Artwork under Attack" Kristy Sexton

             Map Magazine 5.00"Colosus"

             Mini Magazine 5.00 "Colossus" Mark Gomes

             Brisbane News 10.5.00 Brisbane News

             Semper Magazine 6.00

             Creatures of the Spotlight 30.4.00 Triple J

1998     Brisbane News 24.10.98, "Art of Construction" Peter Anderson

             Real Time 06.98, "Half Life" Linda Carroli

             Brisbane News 01.05.98, City Beat

             Plastic Magazine 10.98, website

             The Courier Mail 24.10.98,

             "Subversive fun" Luke Robertson

             Creatures of the Spotlight, Triple J 01.05.98

1997     Australian Style # 24, Louise Martin-Chew

             Broadsheet #54, "Shaken not stirred" David Broker

             Eyeline #34, "Cradle to the Grave" Linda Carolli

             Power Corruption Lies catalogue essay, Rex Butler

1996     Courier Mail 05.96 "Sticking the boot in"

             Art + Text #54, "Cause & Effect" David Broker

             The Review 11.96, 

             "Interpretations"  Leonie Stanford

             Eyeline #32, "Signs and Symptoms" Jane Eckett

1995     Top Loading No. 03, Artist Page

             Art Monthly 06.96,

             "Risky Business" Peter Anderson

             Brisbane News  08 09.96, Portrait Gallery

1994     Survey catalogue essay "Now Isnt then, nor is here there..." or "from Information weapons to

             Promotional Packages" Peter Anderson            

             Top Loading No. 01, Artist Page

             Top Loading No. 02, Artist Page

1993     Brisbane Review 29.04.93, "Breaking the Boundaries" Nancy Underhill

             Normal Soon catalogue essay"Painting... the Third Degree" Peter Anderson

             Brisbane Review 26.08.93, "Most illuminating" Joanna Strumpf

1992     Brisbane Review 22.09.92, "Inner City art builds a stronger environment" Peter Anderson

             Brisbane Review17.12.92, "Fortitude Valley. A day in the life..." Phil Brown

             Courier Mail 08.92, "Art is what you perceive it to be"

1991     City News "Prize-winning artwork displayed"

1990     The Courier Mail 01.12.90, "From pizzas to prizes and a promising start" Freya Peterson

             The Courier Mail Arts "Scholarship Produces Results"



2000     Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             Downlands Art Award, exhibition (acquisition)

1998     Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             Downlands Art Award, exhibition

1997     IPDP, Arts Qld

             Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             Gold Coast City Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, exhibition

1996      Churchie Emerging Art Prize - exhibition

             Gold Coast Conrad Jupiters Art Prize - exhibition

1994      Creative Development 'Group Initiative' Aust Council

             Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             Pat Corrigan Artist Grant (NAVA)

1993      Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             'Group Project Grant' Arts Queensland

1992      Churchie Emerging Art Prize, exhibition

             Pat Corrigan Artist Grant [NAVA]

1991      Melville Haysom Memorial Art Prize, QAG

1990      Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Painting Prize


COLLECTIONS (selected)

Queensland Art Gallery

Ipswich Regional Art Gallery

Kerry Stokes Collection

Downlands College

Cannon Hill College

Eagle Farm Tafe

USQ, Toowoomba

Greenway Architects

Gadens Lawyers

Portfolio Communications

Livid Music Festival

David Pestorius

Cutts Creative

Russel Noveau Design


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