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The Corporeal Earth


Official opening Friday April 4, 2008


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”   M. Proust 


The Corporeal Earth is an exhibition of the late Josephine Ulrick’s photographs. Between 1992 and 1997, Josephine Ulrick was curator with Art Galleries Schubert where she  enthusiastically promoted the talent of both emerging and established artists while secretly nurturing a desire to exhibit her own work. She died of cancer in 1997 before this ambition could be realized. Under the direction of the gallery’s director, Win Schubert, a group of friends have brought together a selection of works which reflect Josephine’s enduring passion for nature in a very personal vision of the landscape.  


Throughout her adult life, Josephine Ulrick’s camera was her constant companion. For many years, particularly throughout the 1980’s, she undertook weekly photographic excursions to favourite places of natural beauty which included Brisbane bayside locations at Sutton’s Beach, Redcliffe; Nudgee Beach; Manly mud flats; Bribie Island and North Stradbroke Island. Again and again she was drawn to the dynamic tidal action at the ocean’s edge. The rock-pools and sand dunes around Fingal Head and especially Currumbin Rock, were a source of constant inspiration. Visiting the homes of friends took her further afield to a farming property in the Mary River valley near Gympie and out onto the Darling Downs to Sam Fullbrook’s property at Oakey. 


Ulrick spent many hours roaming the beaches and bush to extract an aesthetic essence from the landscape around her. With her lens, she would isolate a random, but pleasing composition of marks on bark, sand, earth or rocks to capture the beauty she experienced in that split-second of inspiration. Her works focus on the minute, intimate aspects of nature which are often overlooked in response to the whole. Her particular vision is directed toward form, colour, line shape and texture.


In these times when global warming is reaching a point of crisis, Josephine Ulrick would most certainly have been a proponent of any action which might halt its damaging effects.  Her abstract images reinterpret traditional perceptions of landscape and introduce the viewer to a less familiar way of seeing. They offer a vision which is fuller, richer, fresher - an adult distillation of a childlike sense of wonder in the world around us. It is hoped that Josephine Ulrick’s photographs may exert some positive influence upon their audience and encourage a deeper and more sustained awareness of a landscape still accessible and within reach of our everyday experience.















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